The Content Guild is an SEO agency with a different approach to Search Engine Optimisation - we focus on your content. We’ll also help your team develop their understanding of SEO, unveiling the mysteries of SEO - it’s not magic, it’s just science. Think of us as a Formula 1 team, aka SEO experts working on your website, tuning its engine to make it race-ready.

Search Engine Optimisation is like tuning a racing car


With F1, everything matters and your specialist team needs to constantly check things are as they should be, nothing’s moved out of place. Of course, you can test drive before you have everything right, but if you really want to race, you need to use specialist equipment, checking all parts and tuning your engine.

And just as a Formula One team constantly adjusts and tweaks the racing machine, The Content Guild combines SEO expertise with specialist tools to finely tune your website to be race-ready and beat your competition to page one of Google search.

Looking to increase your website traffic?

Increasing your organic traffic on your website is a constant game. Google makes the rules as to which sites will show up on page one of SERPs. It seems an impossible game but it’s not, there are straightforward tasks you can do to increase your rankings and get more website traffic and we can help you with these.

Who we are

The Content Guild is an SEO agency with a different approach to Search Engine Optimisation. For too long, SEO has been a dark art with no solid explanation as to why your site doesn’t rank. We want to shake things up a bit, sharing knowledge and helping you be better at SEO. Check out The Art of SEO for our how-to guides. Eventually you won’t need us at all!

How we work

Our forensic keyword research method is highly targeted and ensures your website content satisfies the searches that your customers make in Google. Keyword research should inform your site structure for optimal user experience: We find out what people are searching for and ensure your site layout leads them straight to the answers. We develop your content strategy to ensure your website ranks above your competitors, driving more organic traffic to the pages that matter most.

Working with SEO Experts

What can you expect when you decide to work with us? Read about our SEO services or check out our video here, where we explain what we do…

We start with your free site audit, which is a full check under the bonnet of your site which results in a SEO audit report which details the state of your meta data, broken URLs, image alt tags, internal and external links, keyword rankings and content quality and we even check your user experience and Google page speed. This is no different to any other agency - we all do this bit.

The next step is the SEO Workshop, where we meet your key stakeholders to understand your business, your customers, their needs and how you satisfy them. We study your website structure and run through your SEO audit report, explaining what needs to be done initially to get your technical onsite SEO race-ready.

Then keyword research to inform site structure. This is the start of our difference and in our view, the most important task for content marketing. It’s vital that your site is structured in a way which makes sense to your customers, so they can find what they are looking for. The keyword research informs site navigation, ensuring pages which are potentially the most popular with your customers, which satisfy what they are looking for, are most easily found from your menu. If you are about to redo your website, get us in now so we can help you get the structure right for optimal user experience.

The site structure is the first of your SEO deliverables - read on for the rest!


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SEO deliverables

Once we have completed your set-up phase, you will receive these deliverables:

On-site SEO revision recommendations

We don’t just give you the audit in its raw state. Most SEO audits are very detailed and often you see repeated problems which make it look a whole lot worse than it actually is. Our on-site SEO revision recommendations report gives you a priority list on how to fix the most damaging on-site SEO problems you have on your website. Not all problems are equally worth fixing - we’ll sift through the audit and pick out where to spend your time for maximum benefit. You’ll have instructions on exactly how to fix the problems. We can even provide any new copy for replacement meta data, such as meta titles and meta descriptions. Think of it as a step-by-step action plan you can give to your development team to implement.

Content plan per page

For every page you choose to optimise, we first choose the optimal focus keyword which best represents what you need to say on that page. This determines the keyword topic for the page. We study the competitive ranking website for that topic and this informs our recommended structure for your new page. We then hand-pick you a selection of achievable keywords which are relevant to the page’s keyword topic, which answer your customers’ questions and for which the competitive ranking pages already rank for. But you won’t just get a big long list of words. We deliver a content plan for every optimised page, which defines all the sections required on the page with their associated keywords and meta data. It is a structured outline for our content writers to write your page copy.

It’s really not just about link building

Pricing Options

We have a choice of bundles to suit your needs for every stage of your SEO journey.

SEO Set-up Bundle

When we first start working with you there are some fundamentals which need to happen, assessing the current situation, fixing existing issues and making a competitive content plan. We’ve bundled this in a three month package which should give you a chance to see some of the effects of our work before taking the next step with us.

It’s all part of our philosophy of not tying you down. We are confident that after three months you’ll be left wanting more.

Content Bundles

Moving forward, once you have the basics set up, you will still need to keep an eye on your technical on-site SEO, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Now it’s time for the rocket fuel - the new content. According to the recent Google Bert update, high quality content which answers your customers’ questions, is your main route to ranking.

You can choose how much content you want us to write for you and over what period of time. We are entirely flexible.

How long will this all take?

Once you have completed the set up, addressed all your on-site issues and made your competitive content plan, we can start writing content. It takes time for Google to rank your content and you should see keywords start to rank on outside pages. Over the weeks, they tend to climb higher and higher. We have seen content rank on page one within 10 weeks of posting.

The idea is to continue to post and share high quality content, improving ranking pages and expanding your blog. It usually takes around 12-18 months for your SEO work to make a significant impact on your website. What can I say? Rome wasn’t built in a day!

How much do you want to reduce the amount you are spending on PPC and build a foundation of growth of free organic traffic for years to come?


We are different

Forensic SEO

You may think we are just another Manchester marketing agency but we are no ordinary SEO company. We have developed a forensic approach to optimisation so your money goes directly where you want it to. You choose the pages where you want traffic and we deliver. Targeted spend. You’re in control. Refreshing? Why not give us a call.